Winter tires: useful information and tips

We've prepared a short quiz to test your general knowledge of winter tires.

Winter tires: useful information and tips

True or false?

Winter tires can improve braking distance by 15%.
False. Using winter tires can improve your braking distance by up to 25%.

The treads on winter tires are 30% deeper than those on all-season tires.
True. These treads give tires a better grip and road adherence, by evacuating snow and slush.

All-season tires will lose their elasticity at –20 °C, while winter tires will do the same at about –30 °C.
False. All-season tires begin to harden at –15 °C, compared with –40 °C for winter tires.

You can use a euro coin to measure the depth of the tread profiles to see if they are worn out.
True. Take a one-euro coin and place it in the central longitudinal groove of the tire, at the deepest part of the pattern. If the pattern does not cover the gold rim of the coin, the tire is ripe for replacement.

 Source: SSQ Insurance