FAQQuestions and answers

Here you will find answers to some of your questions.

What is your precise location?

In Podgorica. When you reach the roundabout near the Golubovci airport, continue towards Petrovac for another 500 meters, along the new boulevard in Zeta. On the left side of the boulevard is sales and service for passenger vehicles, and on the right for trucks and semi-trucks, as well as technical inspection and registration.

Location Google : https://goo.gl/maps/iJ4yCScZK8G2


What are your business hours?

From 08:00-16:00 MON-FRI

From 08-14:00 SAT

Tyres price list and what is in stock?

You can check price lists for all tyres as well as what is currently in stock on our website (which is updated every 30 minutes).

Do you offer discounts on tyres?

Yes, we give discounts when you pay in cash or in advance.

Can I use credit card for payment when buying tyres?

Yes, you can use any credit card.

Do you offer other modes of payment, such as installment payment for tyres, car parts, services and vehicle registration?

Yes. With credit cards from banks which are approved for some sort of installment payment, Diners credit cards and through Unions.

Do I need to call ahead to confirm availability of tyre mounting and other services?

You always need to schedule ahead for mechanical services, and it is also preferred that you schedule for tyre mounting services during the tyre changing season (April, May, October, November, December).

Do I have to wait for tyre replacement in your service centre?

Off season no, but in season yes ( April, May, October, November,and December). In season, it is best for you to call or contact us by email or social networks so we can schedule your appointment. This way, we are saving your time. On very busy days, we will give our best to get the job done within the appointed time. If you arrive unannounced, you can wait in our coffee bar and we will do our best to get the job done as soon as possible, when your turn comes.

Do you provide service of storing tyres during summer or winter season, after seasonal tyre change?

Yes. We charge tyre storing service 6 euros for a tyre or 7,00 eur for a wheel, for one season. It means, you leave winter tyres in April and mount them in November or leave summer tyres in November and mount threm in April.

Do I pay for mounting and alignment services when I buy new tyres?

YES, when you buy new tyres it is just: 1,00 EUR mounting and 1,00 EUR balancing.

Can you deliver tyres to my address?

Yes. We deliver tyres every day, except on Saturday and Sunday, so what you order today is being delivered tomorrow. If you order tyres on Friday or Saturday, they will be delivered on Monday. Delivery is free of charge for all addresses in Montenegro.

How important is the age of new tires, ie the year of manufacture?

Tires have no expiration date. There is an agreement among the world's leading manufacturers that all tires, even unused spare ones, should be replaced after 10 years. According to the recommendations of the world's leading manufacturers, all tires up to 5 years old are considered new tires with unchanged driving characteristics. Of course, all under one condition - that the tires are properly stored. This means that you can freely buy any tire up to 5 years old from a dealer you trust to have stored it properly, of course with the accompanying warranty card, without fear of having any driving problems. After the end of the 10th year, the tire is no longer usable regardless of whether it was used at all or not!

Do you have a retail shop and service centre somewhere else in Montenegro?

No, just on this one location.

Google location https://goo.gl/maps/iJ4yCScZK8G2

Do all season tyres make the best choice for me?

Yes and no. Depends on your needs. If you are an average driver of a passenger car who is not speeding, your mileage is average and you live in an area with moderate climate, then maybe all season tyres are just what you need. If you are driving high mileages and you are a professional driver, then from the aspect of cost-cutting it is a reasonable solution. If you live in an area with severe climate fluctuations and safety is your main concern, then you can achieve best performances with summer tyres in summer and winter tyres in winter. There is no such material for making tyres that has same driving features on temperatures of -20 Celsius and +40 Celsius.

Which tyres should I buy?

The best advice we can give you is to buy tyres that meet your needs and that are appropriate for your vehicle.

Is it mandatory to have winter tyres if I live in a coastal region or in Podgorica?

No, if you are driving just in city, but if you want to go through tunnel Sozina or to north or central part of Montenegro, according to police declaration these parts of road are considered as roads on which it is mandatory to have winter tires or all season tyres on all 4 wheels. All tyres must have at least 4 mm tread depth.

On these roads is mandatory to have winter tyres:

Petrovac – Sotonići

Cetinje – Budva

Lipci – Grahovo – Vilusi

Meterizi – Cetinje

Ilino brdo (granica sa BiH) – Vilusi – Nikšić (Petlja 2)

Šćepan Polje (granica sa BiH) – Jasenovo Polje – Nikšić (Duklo – Petlja 2 – Petlja 1) – Danilovgrad

Bioče – Kolašin – Ribarevina

Ribarevina – Berane – Rožaje – Špiljani (granica sa  Srbijom)

Jasenovo Polje – Kruševice – Šavnik

Šavnik – tunel “Ivica” – obilaznica Žabljak

Đurđevića Tara – Žabljak

Pljevlja – Đurđevića Tara

Pljevlja – Mihajlovica (granica sa R. Srbijom)

Barski most (granica sa R. Srbijom) – Bijelo Polje – Ribarevina

Vilusi – Deleuša

Mateševo – Bare Kraljske – Trešnjevik – Andrijevica

Andrijevica – Murino

Murino – Bjeluha (granica sa R. Kosovo)

Gradac – Pljevlja

Cetinje – Njeguši – Trojica

Virpazar – Ostros

Virpazar – Rijeka Crnojevića – Donji Ulići 1

Ostros – Vladimir

Čekanje – Resna – Čevo

Čevo – Riđani

Vir – Krstac (granica sa BiH)

Danilovgrad – Čevo

Resna – Grahovo – Nudo (granica sa BiH)

Tušina – Šavnik

Virak – Bukovica – Tušina

Mioska – Dragovića Polje – Semolj

Semolj – Krnja Jela – Boan – Tušina

Bioče – Mateševo

Berane – Andrijevica

Most Zeleni – Vuča (granica sa Srbijom)

Rožaje – Kula – Stubica (granica sa Kosovo)

Murino – Plav – Gusinje – Grnčar (granica sa Albanijom)

Slijepač Most – Trlica

Berane – Stjenica – Kalače

Podvade – Petnjica 1

Plužine – Trsa – Virak

Pljevlja – Metaljka (granica sa BIH)

Dajevića Han – Čemerno (granica sa Srbijom)

Đurđevića Tara – Mojkovac

Kolašin – Mateševo

Gradac – Šula (naselje)

Cerovo – Bogetići – Glava Zete – Danilovgrad

Buča – Lubnice

Cetinje – Ivanova Korita – Međuvršje – Krstac 1

Međuvršje – Lovćen 1

Vrela – Njegovuđa 1

Bar (Biskupada) – Sutorman – Virpazar 1

Bar (tunel Ćafe) – Kamenički most – Krute 1

“Bablja greda” – Ski centar “Kolašin 1450” – Ski centar “Kolašin 1600”

Žabljak – skijalište “Savin kuk”

Nikšić – Vučje

I am buying a set of new tyres. Should they be mounted on front or rear wheels?

On rear wheels, thereby making it easier for the driver to control rear wheels, since rear wheels of front drive vehicles perform inertly so it is difficult to control them when drifting. Also, it is much easier to retain control of rear wheel drive vehicles, especially on wet roads.

I would like to purchase goods from you via Union. Does the Union member, on whose name certificate is, has to be personally present?


Do you provide plastic bags for tyres that are taken off?

Yes, of course. We will put your tyres in plastic bags, so your car won’t get dirty from tyres.

When ordering tyres online, how can I pay for them?

a) You can pay by bank transfer (at the bank or post office)via pro forma invoice that we will email you.

b) Also, you can pay in cash when you take over the goods from delivery service, when you will receive note claiming that you gave money, along with the receipt and warranty. In this case, you have to prepare an exact sum of money required since delivery service has no options of giving you change.

c) Online, directly via our website.

Are the prices of the items that you are selling same with you and your associates?

Tyre prices should be the same with all our partners, however it is a matter of business policy and we have no influence over it.

Do I get discount when I use Premium credit card, Club 5 Card and European Youth Card?

Yes. All the members of aforementioned organisations and users of cards get additional discount.


Does the symbol M+S stands for all season tyre?

Usually it does (on some summer tyres you can also find M+S symbol) if there is only M+S symbol without snowflake or mountain symbol, which is mandatory for regular winter tyres. If none of these symbols is marked then it is a summer tyre.

Do you use my email address and phone number (which I tell you when you take data for registration) for advertising?

Not without your consent.

Can I give you my old tyres and surcharge for new ones?

On rare occasions-yes.

Is the price higher in the case of deferred payment?

If you pay in cash you get a discount for paying in cash. But if you pay in a form of deferred payment you don’t get a discount.

If I install winter tyres on front drive wheels, am I safe for winter?

No. The same rule about mounting summer tyres applies to combination of summer and winter tyres on drive wheels. Winter tyres should be mounted on rear axle in order to control oversteer. If you only want to achieve traction force, and you have front wheel drive vehicle, then it makes sense to mount them on front axle. In terms of safety, it is necessary to have winter tyres on all wheels.

I can’t find the product that I am looking for on your website,what should I do?

Send us a query through a query form, email us or just call. All the products that we currently don’t have we can provide. Depending on the type of the product that you need and manufacturer, delivery deadlines are within 3,7 or 14 days.

I have new tyres and I feel my steering wheel shakes when I am driving. What should I do?

Call us right away or come to our service centre. We will perform test drive and balance the tyres again, because of the possibility that they didn’t matched to the rim perfectly. 

I bought new tyres and it seems to me like they have some kind of manufacturing defect. What should I do?

Call us or come to our service centre. We will perform test drive and inspect your tyres. We will handle Notice of Defect right away or as soon as possible, if it appears to be some very complex problem. In this case, it will take us 3 days maximum to solve the problem. Anyway, if the tyre really has some kind of manufacturing defect, we will find a way for you to use your car until we handle Defect of Notice.

I damaged the sidewall of the tyre. Is it possible to fix it?

Is it possible – yes, but it is also risky and inadvisable in terms of your own safety.

Basically, it is only possible to repair tread, provided that the damage isn’t bigger than 5 mm in diameter.

I have a new tyre in my trunk. Should I mount it?

In most cases it is not advisable unless the salesperson can offer you the same product. Another thing to bear in mind is the age of spare tyre. If the vehicle is with an older manufacturing date  and the OE spare tyre is old, older than 10 years, than it is not for use anymore. Tyre should be inspected visually because it could have been under the influence of different factors (water, heat, dirt, corrosion).

Does the symbol E1, E2, E3, E4 etc. stands for the quality of tyre?

No, it doesn't. Symbol E denotes European homologation number, i.e. authentication that the article is produced in accordance with European quality standards and traffic safety and the number beside the letter E denotes the EU country in which certificate is issued.

What is the mandatory date for using winter tyres?

It is mandatory to use winter tyres from 15.11. till 31.03.

I need a wheel alignment, but my tyres are in poor condition. Is the alignment possible because of the poor condition of the tyres?

No. Tyres have to be without flaws and in good condition, as well as suspension.

Do you offer warranty on performed services?

Yes, we offer warranty on all products that we are selling and on all services.

Is it possible to exercise my rights as a foreign citizen regarding tax return if I buy in your shop?

Yes. If you wish, we will fill up a form for you and advice you on how to get a refund.

Do you deliver tyres out of Montenegro?

Theoretically yes, but due to expensive and complicated export procedures, it is not cost-effective to import small quantity od tyres from Montenegro.

Do I have the right to make consumer complaint if I bumped the curb or hit the pothole?

You always have a right to file complaint, but there is no point of doing it since the cause of the damage is obvious.

Who can I turn to if I experience problems with tyres ?

To Vujacic Company, of course, the most skilled and experienced retailers and technicians in Montenegro.

Do you export tyres?

YES. Please call us on +382 20606060 or send an email on prodaja@vujacic-company.me