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These Warranty Conditions and Complaint Regulations form an integral part of all contracts for all sold tires by Vujačić Company d.o.o.

I. Limited Warranty Conditions

Vujačić Company d.o.o. warrants that every tire bearing the brand name and serial code number and/or DOT No. is free from defects on material, design and workmanship and is capable of being used for its designed purpose until the depth of tire tread pattern groove remains min. 1,6 mm. However, the period of warranty is limited to 5 years from the production date shown on the tire sidewall. Complaints for defects on tubes and flaps are assessed individually. Complaints must be presented to Vujačić Company d.o.o. in a written form, otherwise they will not be considered as lodged.

In case Vujačić Company d.o.o. accepts the complaints it may at its own discretion settle the complaint in one of the following manners: a/ by repair of defect on tire, thus bearing partly or fully expenses related with removing the defect, according to the actual situation, or b/ by refunding the customer which will be calculated based on the current price, reduced by the amount corresponding to the degree of wear and tear of the complained tire and this amount will be determined by Vujačić Company d.o.o., or c/ by granting adequate deduction of the price the amount of which will be determined by Vujačić Company d.o.o.

Financial settlement of the complaints accepted by Vujačić Company d.o.o. is based on the percentage of the remaining usable original tread pattern over the above specified tread groove (1,6 mm) at the time of lodging the complaint in comparison to the original tire tread pattern depth, within the above mentioned 5-year period.

The complaint will be settled based on Vujačić Company d.o.o. technical findings based upon the inspection of defective tire and the submitted documents. Vujačić Company d.o.o. will not be held liable under this warranty should the defects arise due to:

1. Incorrect use of the tires or if tire is without production No. And/or DOT No.

2. Mounting of the tire on a rim of incorrect size or type.

3. Mounting of the tire on deformed, damaged, rusty or otherwise impaired rim.

4. Using of an incorrect size of tubes or flaps.

5. Use of improper tire tread pattern, size or type (execution) with respect to the vehicle and its purpose.

6. Damage of the tires due to improper mounting or dismounting.

7. Premature or irregular wear caused by defective vehicle (misalignment, defective brakes, etc.)

8. Over or under inflation of the tire as compared with the specifications given in the vehicle manual and/or tire manufacturer’s technical specifications, as compared with specifications marked on the tire.

9. Overloading or long lasting under loading of the vehicle or the tire exceeding permissible loading for each type of the tire, exceeding cruising speed, or contravening similar specification in the instruction for use and/or technical documentation of the tire manufacturer or specifications marked on the tire.

10. Mechanical or chemical damage of the tire.

11. Running on a flat tire or an inflated tire in which air is substituted by another than recommended medium.

12. Unprofessional additional cutting of tread pattern.

13. Incorrect clearance between double-wheels or damage caused by foreign object between double-wheels.

14. Using of the tires in races or competitions (does not apply to special racing tires).

15. Damage of the tire by other circumstances (fire, accident, overheating force major etc).

16. Using of the tire under the read pattern safety level indicator marked by TWI

17. Adding internal balancing compound products to commercial tires will not automatically void our warranty. However, detrimental tire conditions that are caused by or attributed to the use of these products are not covered by our warranty.

Vujačić Company d.o.o. shall not bear expenses and risks connected with the delivery of a defective tire, tube or flap (furthermore called „product“) to the buyer from his customer, or any expenses and risks connected with the complaint whatsoever.

Furthermore Vujačić Company d.o.o. shall not grant any indemnities for loss of time, inconveniences, losses for vehicle downtime, or any other subsequent losses arisen as a consequence of product defect within this warranty.

Vujačić Company d.o.o. does not cover under the warranty the expenses of maintenance connected with the product handling. In any case the Buyer is not entitled to cancel the purchase contract or to complaint damages of any kind, being caused, in direct or indirect consequence by the ascertained defect and expressly waives all above mentioned complaints. Assignment of the guarantee complaints rights to the third parties is not allowed.

II. Complaints Regulations

Complaints and all the correspondence relating to them must be sent by the buyer to  Vujačić Company d.o.o., 81304 Golubovci, Montenegro.

Complaints must be issued in the written form which must show the following data:

1. Users name. 2. Tire type, size, LI, SI and tread pattern. 3. Serial number and productions date (DOT). 4. Remaining pattern groove depth inmm. 5. Exact defect description (or corresponding code if agreed upon). 6. Date of issue and buyers signature. 7. Pictures of defects and wholetirefor analyses. This data can be collected by Buyer or by Vujačić Company d.o.o. officer. 

If the Complaint Protocol received does not contain all the above data, Vujačić Company d.o.o. reserves the right to return it to the Buyer for completion. In case the Buyer does not complete and return the Complaint Protocol within 14 days after it is returned, the complaint will not be settled and the rights to complaint are deemed as expired. In case of any discrepancies with regard to the correspondence according to this Article, the Buyer is obliged to prove that the delivery of complaints and all other correspondence were done timely and duly.

Vujačić Company d.o.o. reserves the right to get the complained tires checked by their technical personnel prior to final decision about the way of complaint settlement. In such cases the buyer is obligated to prepare the complained tires, properly cleaned, dismounted from rims and marked with the Complaint Protocol number, customer’s name and defect complained, for checking.

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